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a wizard and a chef ([personal profile] scout) wrote in [community profile] birdhaus2012-01-15 12:10 am

385 icons, 25 plurk icons

Well howdy guys, welcome to the New and Improved birdhaus! If you've wandered over here from livejournal, sorry to say that I won't be actually posting over there anymore. But these posts will continue to be public, as they always have been, and I hope none of you feel or ever have felt the obligation to comment or credit, just enjoy in whatever way you choose, as always! ♥

001-040 █ Stock
041-157 █ Homestuck (all the spoilers. all of them.)
158-183 █ Adventure Time
184-231 █ Musicians (Kyary, Florrie, Gotye, Kimbra, Nicola Roberts, etc.)
232-355 █ Fanart (Pokemon, Panty & Stocking, Homestuck, etc.)
356-385 █ Icon battle with @aerogare
+25 plurk icons

hover over the icon for the number.

Icon battle with [personal profile] aerogare. Not sure why I subject myself to this torture … (her post is here!)

plurk-sized icon dump! I had a huge backlog of these laying around ... 195x195 and 200x200, originally made for plurk but can be used elsewhere of course. :)

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